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For centuries indigenous people have proudly adorned themselves with culturally specific garb that visually identified them as belonging to a specific territory of the United States.


My work beckons this ideology by utilizing floral organic motifs of my Ho-Chunk Nation and Prairie Band Potawatomi people. The designs are indicative of the Great Lakes Region of the Upper Midwest. They explain who I am and where I come from. 

Evolving designs

My work is inspired by beadwork and ribbonwork of the past. The artists/creators before me acquired the most innovative beads and fabrics to create their works. Just as they gravitated towards utilizing materials of the era, I too am inclined to a more innovative means of making.


My three-dimensional pieces are created via the use of computer design programs, CAD software and 3D printing. I feel it is important to continue with our Indigenous designs yet not be constrained by stereotypes of what is deemed Native American art.

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